Dr Sandy Callister


PROVIDENCE Co-Founder and Director.

Sandy's current board roles on World Vision New Zealand; the AoteaOra Community [Social Enterprise] Trust, Adam Art Gallery, Victoria University and the Wigram Foundation have further heightened her commitment to, and experience in, working with diverse stakeholder groups for optimal economic, cultural, and social outcomes.

Sandy's passion for the visual arts is expressed through an active engagement in curating exhibitions, guest lectures and as a published author.


Jude Hooson


PROVIDENCE Co-Founder and Director.

Jude's current board roles in the theatre and design industries reflect an expertise in working with creative talent and a belief in the importance of the creative sector in transforming organisations, cities and economies. As a Board Trustee of Shine (Domestic Abuse Prevention NGO), she is  committed to the challenge of tackling one of New Zealand’s most complex social problems.

A Board Chair role with the Mahakirau Forest Ecological Reserve has been the catalyst for Jude to work with community groups from the bottom up to enhance biodiversity and protect endangered species.